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Overtake 3


Lorry in front is travelling at 50mph

Lorry in front does not change its speed or direction.

Car wishing to overtake is travelling at 60mph.

Car wishing to overtake does not exceed the speed limit – 60mph

No hesitation, thinking or reaction time has been taken into account.

The road is long, straight, and clear of any hazards.

Car wishing to overtake breaks no laws.

Overtaking car would

Travel 1812 metres.

Take 67.56 seconds to complete manoeuvre

This equates to around 453 car lengths or almost 18 football field lengths.

Things to consider

How much can change in 68 seconds.

In a real world situation could you clearly see ahead 1812 metres.

1812 metres is about the same as 258 houses… many houses are in your street?… long is your street?

1812 metres is over 1 mile!

The average car is just 4 metres and weighs less than 2000kgs, the average lorry is around 17 metres and weighs 44,000kgs.