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Overtake 2


Car in front is travelling at 25mph.

Car in front does not change it’s speed or direction.

Car wishing to overtake is travelling at 29mph.

Car wishing to overtake does not exceed the speed limit - 30mph.

No hesitation, thinking or reaction time has been taken into account.

The road is long, straight, and clear of any hazards.

Overtaking car would

Travel 270 metres.

Take 20.134 seconds to complete manoeuvre

This equates to around 68 car lengths or almost 3 football field lengths.


Things to consider

How much can change in 20 seconds.

In a real world situation could you clearly see ahead 270 metres.

270 metres is about the same as 40 houses… many houses are in your street?… long is your street?

On our high streets cyclists travel between 15 & 25mph, and yet we see vehicles overtaking with ease….what speed must these vehicles be travelling in order to achieve this?