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I am a DSA Approved Driving Instructor based in the Chippenham & Bath area. My aim is to offer a high level of tuition in theory, practical and driver attitude.
Chippenham & Bath

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There is much more to Driver Training than just passing the DSA's Theory & Practical Driving Tests.

Driver Training is for all of us.....Professional Drivers Included!!  Road safety starts with the road user,  it doesn't matter who....pedestrian, cyclist or motor vehicle user, we all have a role to play.

In my capacity as a DSA  Approved Driving Instructor I have been witness to a colourful mix of views & opinions  with regards to the education of our younger drivers.....I feel confident that a small change in road user attitudes would go a long way to reducing the stress, fears, and anxieties that I believe contribute to a large proportion of incidents on the British Roads. 

Learning to Drive is a Life Skill, and should be valued as such!